Welcome to the IVGD 2020 Grad Expo!
The graduating class of the Independent Video Game Design program at Dawson College is proud to present you our final projects, the culmination of two years of hard work!
While we cannot meet physically this year, feel free to explore the collection on the web instead! You can watch the trailers, read about the different games and even download most of them to play! If you're interested by the development of some games, you can even follow and support the developers! Just follow the links in the game descriptions.
- The IVGD graduating class of 2020
This year's theme
This year, the theme of the expo has been heavily influenced by the events we currently live through. Under the theme of "Creativity within isolation", the artwork banner created by one of the graduates, Zidi Zhu, evokes the stillness of time felt during those uncertain moments of isolation.​​​​​​​
2020 have been a very difficult year. Despite the many hardships you faced, you continued working relentlessly on your projects. We cannot be more proud of the work you accomplished during that time. The dedication and strength you've shown were exemplar. You have all created amazing projects and we are very excited for the world to see your talent!
Now is time for the next chapter of your great adventure! We cannot wait to see where it is going to lead you!
Take care everyone and see you around!
- The IVGD team
About the Program
The Independent Video Game Design program at Dawson College is a 2 year AEC diploma that focuses on training game creators for the Indie Game Development scene.
If you would like additional information about the Independent Video Game Design Program, feel free to browse our Program Page on Dawson College website at:
We hold information sessions about the program every year during registration periods. Feel free to subscribe to our email list if you would like to hear more about it!​​​​​​​